Yuki Tsunoda has spoken about the mistakes he made in his rookie Formula 1 season.

Tsunoda’s first year in F1 was full of ups and downs. He had a great start in Bahrain, but after it, made a lot of mistakes and was involved in a lot of incidents. The AlphaTauri driver admitted that he took the wrong approach at the start of his F1 career.

“Until I moved to Italy, I was just a lazy bastard. After training, straight into my house, turn on the PS5 and do gaming for the day and try to enjoy myself,” Tsunoda said in an interview with Motorsport.com.

“Then actually in race week, I was always rushing. I would only start to prepare then and I think it was too late.”

The Japanese also stated that the issues were caused by the fact that he had underestimated the challenges of the sport.

“I will say I had too much confidence. I was feeling it was too easy I would say for F1, because I didn’t have a massive shunt or any of these strange things. It all was under control, so that’s why I expected it to be easy.

“I had that crash in Imola, but after Imola, I was okay still, my confidence was okay. I was just feeling the incident I had in qualifying was unlucky and I was also expecting it’s going to happen before the braking zone.

“But as soon as I had some crashes consistently, I started to feel a question mark about my confidence and feel it was quite difficult. Much more difficult than I was thinking.

“It was especially hard for how I built up for the race week. The approach was completely gone. I was taking the same approach as F2, which is a completely different format where you have free practice and straight to qualifying.

“I would always try to nail it, try to push from the first free practice and in F1 it is difficult to do that. There is a lot of risk you go into the wall and lose a lot of track time, and have to rebuild the confidence for FP2.

“At one point my confidence was completely zero. I never had it in the past that my confidence was completely almost nothing. So, I had a really hard time to rebuild this confidence, like I had in Bahrain, and it was a struggle.”

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