Red Bull’s Sergio Perez said the challenge of switching from one Formula 1 team to the other is “underestimated.”

Perez was one of the multiple drivers to switch to a different team for the 2021 season – a difficult task for drivers that usually requires a long period of adaptation.

The Mexican explained his experience when switching from Racing Point (Aston Martin) to Red Bull last year.

“Even as a driver, you underestimate those things until you live them, you experience them,” Perez said.

“But driving a different power unit, it’s a completely different task. Driving a completely different philosophy of cars, high rake versus low rake, it’s a completely different task. And the way you approach things is just extremely different.

“You have to learn new techniques. Basically, what I used to do, nothing really worked here,” he explained.

“It would be the same for example if Max went to the Mercedes, for example. They are just very different. They produce very similar lap times, but the way they get the lap time is extremely different.”

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