Zak Brown has spoken about McLaren’s approach to possible cooperation with Audi in Formula 1.

VW Group were rumored to be joining F1 in 2026 for a long time. More than that, it was revealed that they could have two options of how to enter the sport – either to team up with Red Bull Racing under the Porsche brand or start cooperation with McLaren by using Audi.

Brown has confirmed that McLaren are currently cautious about the possibility of changing the engine supplier as there was no decision from VW Group.

“I’m hearing they’re going to do something with Red Bull on the Porsche front. I think they’ve spoken with a handful of people on the grid and, as you would imagine, we have conversations,” the McLaren CEO said.

“But in the short term, and medium term, we’re very happy where we are [with Mercedes]. So we’re going to just wait and see: are they going to enter the sport? Because I think that’s not been definitively decided.

“If they do, we have a contract through this term. And naturally, we’re going to evaluate where we are and who’s in the sport, and then take a decision on what we’re going to do in 2026 in due course.”

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