Zak Brown states that there may be no sprint races in the upcoming Formula 1 season due to the budget cap disputes.

Sprint races made their F1 debut last year in a form of Sprint Qualifying. F1 was delighted with the new format and wanted to increase the number of races to six in 2022. However, these plans are now in jeopardy.

Brown has revealed that some teams want an increase of budget cap to cover the costs related with the sprint races.

“A couple of teams, and one team in particular, wanted a $5 million budget cap increase, which was just ridiculous,” the McLaren CEO told the BBC.

“And no rational facts behind it. When you challenged them, they go to what if and could and you’ve got to anticipate. You sit there and go ‘This is just nonsense.'”

“Maybe there can be a compromise raised and we raise it a little bit, and we start in 2022 or we skip 2022, and a couple of these teams should have to explain to the fans why there is no sprint races.”

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