Carlos Sainz has spoken about the experience of being a Scuderia Ferrari driver.

Ferrari is one of the most famous teams in Formula 1, which means that being a part of it includes bigger responsibility. Sainz went through that in his first year in the team and revealed that he had felt more pressure than before.

“It comes with a lot more pressure,” Sainz said. “It also comes with a bit of a busier schedule, being a Ferrari driver and having to have so many commitments, so it does make the season a bit more packed, a bit more stressful, a bit more with extra pressure.”

At the same time, the Spaniard stated that driving for Ferrari was a dream come true for him.

“It’s been fairly easy for me to keep reminding myself that I am achieving a dream. That is to drive for the best team in Formula 1, and the most historic team in Formula 1,” Sainz added.

“It’s a dream come true for me since I’m a kid, [to] be driving for Ferrari, and if I keep reminding myself [of] this kind of thing, then I actually go into the [race] weekend always excited, always with good energy, always trying to learn, trying to become better to make sure that, if the chance of fighting for a World Championship with Ferrari ever arrives, I’m going to be as prepared and as ready as possible.”

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