Fernando Alonso believes that his experience will be a significant advantage in the 2022 Formula 1 season.

After Kimi Raikkonen has retired from F1, Alonso is now the oldest driver on the grid, aged 40. The Alpine driver thinks that the experience will benefit him.

“On the age, I feel good, honestly I feel an advantage,” Alonso told Motorsport.com.

One of the biggest changes in the upcoming season will be the introduction of the 18-inch tires. The Spaniard has already worked with the low-profile tires when he was in the WEC. Alonso states that the knowledge he has got will also help him.

“When I come to a circuit, I know the circuits. Now everyone is testing this 18-inch tire, and I know very well these tires from the WEC.

“There is exactly the same behavior on the tires and the same way you have to drive the tire, which is very different. So all the things that I am facing, for other people are live for the first time, and for me, it’s a second or third time. So this is good.”

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