Masashi Yamamoto has shared his thoughts about Honda’s exit from Formula 1 after the 2021 season.

Despite the success with Red Bull Racing in the past F1 season, Honda left the sport to concentrate on achieving carbon neutrality.

Honda will cooperate with Red Bull during the engine freeze period, though Yamamoto believes that the Japanese manufacturer should have stayed in the sport for longer.

“Personally yes, I agree,” he told Autosport when asked about it.

“But this is obviously a company decision and I understand which way the company wants to go, so in the end, we have to accept that.

“But we always have the imagination, so we hope one day Honda will return to F1.”

Yamamoto admitted that the decision to leave F1 motivated them to do their best in 2021.

“Of course it is sad, but we knew this from last October 2020 and therefore we knew that we had to push for it in 2021.

“We took a different mindset and looked at the decision in a different way. We tried to give everything to perform in the time that we had still left.”

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