Sam Sunderland admits that the final stage of the 2022 Dakar Rally was not easy for him.

Sunderland entered stage 12 of the Dakar Rally as the overall leader in the bikes category. However, Pablo Quintanilla and Matthias Walkner were not that far from him. The GasGas rider was 8th on Friday, while Walkner finished 7th and Quintanilla won the stage. Sunderland did not lose too much time and won his 2nd Dakar Rally.

Though the outcome of the day was positive, the Briton revealed that it was a difficult stage. At the same time, he was extremely happy with his victory.

“I honestly can’t be happier. This last stage was so difficult and so much stress… A lot of navigation, a lot of tricky notes, a few times a bit confusing, and not sure I was going the right way,” Sunderland said.

“Phew. Honestly, my head can explode. The last ten minutes, I was not sure whether I’d won, now they’ve told me and, wow, dream come true. Even to listen to you say it brings a little bit of emotion there. I had a pretty rough season, but when you win the Dakar, it’s all worth it. So nice.”

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