Frederic Vasseur reveals that the negotiations with Andretti Autosport have not impacted on Alfa Romeo’s preparations for the 2022 season.

Andretti Autosport was close to purchasing the Sauber Group and taking over Alfa Romeo Racing as a result in 2021. In the end, the parties had not reached an agreement and the takeover did not happen.

The talks might have influenced the team’s preparation for the upcoming Formula 1 season, but Vasseur denied such claims.

“We didn’t stop at all the technical side, and it didn’t slow down at all the development, that’s for sure,” the Alfa Romeo team principal told

At the same time, he admitted that some things were affected by the negotiations.

“On some discussions, on sponsors, drivers and so on, we had to be a bit present.

“But at the end, it won’t change the situation. It had no impact, except that we postponed some decisions.”

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