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Sainz: 2021 season is one of my favorite in F1

Carlos Sainz at the 2021 post-season testing in Abu Dhabi. Credits: Reddit.

Carlos Sainz admits that he has enjoyed being in Formula 1 in the 2021 season.

Sainz had a successful first season at Scuderia Ferrari. The Spaniard had 4 podiums and scored 164.5 points to finish 5th in the Drivers’ Championship. He shared his thoughts about the past season.

“I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I think it’s one of my favorite seasons in F1 in terms of just enjoying Formula 1 and enjoying being part of the sport. It’s been quite hectic, a lot of races, but also a lot of good times. I managed to enjoy myself; at the same time, I’ve managed to improve myself through the year,” Sainz said.

“I feel like [I finished] the season much stronger than I started it, so there’s that important progression inside the team. I’ve seen changes inside the team also that have gone in the right direction. So honestly, the feeling going into [2022] is very positive and I think we are going to a good moment and good momentum.”

Ferrari may become one of the leaders in the upcoming season. Sainz states that he is ready for a championship fight.

“Yes, 100%,” he said when asked about it.

“Especially… this second half of the season has given me the right confidence with the car, the right confidence with the team, to know I’m ready for whatever comes next year. That combined with the amount of hard work we are putting into the 2022 project has put me into the right mindset…”

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