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Medeiros, Baciuska, Sotnikov prevail in stage 10

Stage 10 of the 2022 Dakar Rally saw Marcelo Medeiros, Rokas Baciuska and Dmitry Sotnikov win in their respective classes.

Pablo Copetti opened the stage for the quads after a win yesterday. Overall leader Alexandre Giroud got the best of the American, though. Giroud arrived at the 42 km waypoint with a 25-second advantage over Copetti. The pair took off for the next waypoint, the pace of both riders looking to be fairly evenly matched.

However, Copetti’s day ended before he could even reach the 85th kilometer. Marking a frustratingly early end to his day, Copetti’s engine expired in a stage that had the potential for a close fight to the win.

Giroud took this opportunity and tried to streak away from the field, with Marcelo Medeiros now behind him. The Brazilian had 2 minutes to make up on Giroud, but he showed a blistering pace over the next checkpoints.

By the 170 km mark, the gap shrunk to just 40 seconds as Giroud tried diligently to build a greater gap. The Frenchman also lost time to Kamil Wisnieski, who crushed a 2-minute gap from the lead to 33 seconds by the following waypoint.

By kilometer 258, both Medeiros and Wisniewski knocked Giroud off the top of the timing sheets. Medeiros led Wisniewski by half a minute, with Giroud trailing just 18 seconds further behind.

Then, Medeiros stepped it up a notch and soared away from Wisniewski. He crossed the line at the end of the special to win the stage by 2 and a half minutes, with Giroud falling 4 minutes further behind Wisniewski.

The top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally stage 10 in the quads category:

1Marcelo MedeirosTeam Marcelo Medeiros4:11:04
2Kamil WisniewskiOrlen Team+2:25
3Alexandre GiroudYamaha Racing – SMX – Drag’On+6:44
4Francisco MorenoDrag’On Rally Team+8:30
5Zdenek TumaBarth Racing Team+31:08

The overall top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally in the quads category:

1 Alexandre Giroud Yamaha Racing – SMX – Drag’On 42:21:01
2 Kamil Wisniewski Orlen Team +2:36:46
3 Francisco Moreno Drag’On Rally Team +2:43:31
4 Zdenek Tuma Barth Racing Team +7:33:56
5Pablo CopettiDel Amo Motorsports/Yamaha Rally Team+8:09:46

Seth Quintero once again proved his worth in stage 10 of the Dakar Rally. He comfortably led the special from start to finish and won by 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

Although, Cristina Gutierrez Herrero consistently succeeded in staying within a few minutes of the rapid American. Throughout the stage, she usually found herself around 1-2 minutes behind the lead.

Sebastian Eriksson occupied the final spot on the podium, following almost 10 minutes behind Quintero.

The top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally stage 10 in the LW prototypes category:

1Seth QuinteroRed Bull Off-Road Junior Team USA3:22:11
2Cristina Gutierrez HerreroRed Bull Off-Road Team USA+2:22
3Sebastian ErikssonEKS – South Racing+9:45
4Thomas BellSouth Racing Middle East+18:35
5Santiago NavarroFN Speed Team+19:40

The overall top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally in the LW prototypes category:

1Francisco Lopez Contardo EKS – South Racing 39:43:03
2 Sebastian Eriksson EKS – South Racing +55:56
3Fernando AlvarezSouth Racing Can-Am+2:56:28
4 Cristina Gutierrez Herrero Red Bull Off-Road Team USA +4:22:33
5 Santiago Navarro FN Speed Team +4:46:47

The SSVs put on a spectacular show during today’s stage, with competition tighter than ever throughout most of the day.

Gerard Farres Guell was the first of a multitude of drivers to take the reigns of first place. The Spaniard led Rodrigo Luppi de Oliveira by 5 seconds after 42 km, with Rokas Baciuska only 8 seconds further back. Farres Guell retained his lead at the 85 km mark, but Luppi de Oliveira refused to let him escape.

By the 128th kilometer, Luppi de Oliveira surpassed Farres Guell, snatching the lead with a slim margin of 2 seconds. The nail-biting duel between these two continued past 170km. However, Rokas Baciuska still loomed closely behind.

The fifth waypoint was where everything changed in the race. Baciuska unraveled a sudden burst of pace, which thrust him into the lead of the stage. Aron Domzala filled in 2nd place as Luppi de Oliveira dropped to 3rd and Farres Guell tumbled into P6. Baciuska held more than a 1-minute advantage over Domzala, but increased it to 2 minutes by the finish.

Baciuska won the stage, prevailing over Domzala and Farres Guell.

The top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally stage 10 in the SSVs category:

1Rokas Baciuska South Racing Can-Am 3:36:55
2Aron DomzalaCan-Am Factory South Racing+1:58
3Gerard Farres Guell Can-Am Factory South Racing +2:08
4Michal GoczalCobant-Energylandia Rally Team+3:12
5Austin Jones Can-Am Factory South Racing +4:01

The overall top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally in the SSVs category:

1 Austin Jones Can-Am Factory South Racing 40:55:24
2 Gerard Farres Guell Can-Am Factory South Racing +11:54
3 Michal Goczal Cobant-Energylandia Rally Team +15:38
4 Rokas Baciuska South Racing Can-Am +32:09
5Marek Goczal Cobant-Energylandia Rally Team +33:30

Stage 10 delivered yet another successful day for Kamaz in the trucks. The team took a 1-2-3 finish at the end of the special, with Anton Shibalov in the last Kamaz truck placing 5th.

Dmitry Sotnikov held the lead from the second waypoint up to the finish line. However, his victory didn’t come easily in the slightest.

When Sotnikov took the lead from Eduard Nikolaev at the second waypoint, his advantage was only 1 second. The gap increased to 15 seconds after 128 km, but the competition was still incredibly tight.

At the 213km mark, Nikolaev lost a minute to his rivals. But he still remained within the top 5 of the stage, showing how close the fight unfurled to be. Sotnikov now held a 14-second edge over Andrey Karginov, who sat 26 seconds ahead of Ignacio Casale. Casale put up a strong fight against the dominant Kamaz trucks in his Tatra Buggyra entry and would eventually finish 4th.

By the penultimate checkpoint before the finish, Sotnikov stretched his lead to around 2 minutes. He fought on, holding his position with stability. Finally, he crossed the line to beat Eduard Nikolaev by a minute and a half. Karginov clung on to P3, losing out on runner-up by 22 seconds.

The top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally stage 10 in the trucks category:

1Dmitry SotnikovKamaz – Master3:14:15
2Eduard Nikolaev Kamaz – Master+1:27
3Andrey Karginov Kamaz – Master+1:49
4Ignacio CasaleTatra Buggyra ZM Racing+2:35
5Anton Shibalov Kamaz – Master+3:09

The overall top 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally in the trucks category:

1 Dmitry Sotnikov Kamaz – Master35:58:08
2 Eduard Nikolaev Kamaz – Master+10:18
3 Anton Shibalov Kamaz – Master+44:27
4 Andrey Karginov Kamaz – Master+1:49:19
5Janus Van KasterenPetronas Team de Rooy IVECO+2:33:19
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