Nicholas Latifi has spoken about the progress he made at Williams Racing in the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Latifi had a more successful season in 2021 compared to his rookie year in the sport. He scored his first world championship points and in general had better performance. The Canadian thinks that he has improved a lot in his second season in F1.

“I think it’s been a big season of continuous improvement,” Latifi said.

“I think, whenever you’re going from your rookie year into your second year – of any sports, but I guess F1 and just racing in particular – there’s probably always going to be the biggest improvements and biggest gains on all aspects.

“Not just the driving stuff, but being in the F1 environment, team environment, being more comfortable in all the situations that you face in F1 that you don’t necessarily face in junior categories.”

At the same time, he admits that there were things he had not managed to improve.

“When I look back at the actual driving bits and the performance aspect, I think there’s for sure a lot of things that I wanted to do better. Some little issues and details, as well, that – with hindsight, with more experience – [I] probably would have liked to have adjusted to and adapted to a bit better.

“But I really feel that it’s been a continuous improvement where the performance is on the right trajectory. Again, not always evident on the timing screens, but that’s not the important thing right now for the position we’re in.

“It’s just to continue building myself, my confidence, confidence with the team, and, with the direction that the team is going in now, [and] going into next year, it’s a very exciting time.”

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