The McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl revealed that he is “very satisfied” with the team’s efforts on this year’s Formula 1 competitor.

McLaren had another strong year in 2021, inching ever closer to the front-running teams, such as Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. In 2021, the team took home 275 points, their best score since 2012. They also scored 4 podiums, including Daniel Ricciardo’s victory in Italy.

After a year filled with successes and further gains, McLaren sees 2022 as an even bigger opportunity. Due to the new regulations that aim to shake racing up, the teams are working on new and improved machines.

There is currently no telling how the pecking order will look like in 2022. However, Seidl is optimistic after the smooth development of their contender.

“From my point of view, I am very satisfied with the development I see at the moment,” Seidl told

“The car is responding to the developments. We are really making progress week-by-week in the wind tunnel. How much it will be worth in the end, we will only really see at the first qualifying in Bahrain next year.”

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