Dave Robson doubts that Alex Albon’s experience of working with the 18-inch tires will be very useful for Williams.

Williams did not work with the 18-inch tires at the post-season testing in Abu Dhabi as they had not made a mule car for it. However, Albon drove a Red Bull car with the new tires earlier and could share a lot of vital data with his new team.

The Williams head of vehicle performance assumes that it will not be very helpful because of the lack of information about the Red Bull car’s set-up.

“In terms of information that will help us, I think that might be of limited value because we don’t know the details of the Red Bull car that did the tire testing. Clearly, that’s important from how you prepare the tires and how much downforce they need to work with,” Robson said.

“He may have a few useful bits of information or some ideas but I think in reality it’s probably of fairly small value. Plus, of course, [they’re] quite rightly quite limited what he can say about that car and the test they were doing, that’s kind of not any of our business, really, that’s Red Bull’s data.”

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