Orlando Terranova has won the 6th stage of the Dakar Rally in the cars category and admits it “feels fantastic” to make such an achievement.

The Argentine driver admitted the track was easier to navigate as it had the marks from the bikes after yesterday’s stage. However, the section was still difficult, staying true to its Dakar spirit.

“It was a very nice stage,” he said, “difficult in places but easier in others as the tracks of the bikes from yesterday made it easier, but we kept our concentration and the speed.

“It was not easy to overtake some guys as it was fast for all, but at the halfway point we felt we were doing well so we decided to attack in the second part of the stage, though the dunes were not easy as they were soft for the first time this year.

“Towards the end, the navigation was very hard because there were so many tracks, but it all worked well because for the first time since 2015 we have a stage victory and it feels fantastic.

“The car is fabulous; there is still a long way to go so it’s still open as Sebastien [Loeb] can do a good job while we can push, but without any mistakes or trouble we can make a good result.”

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