Russell “grateful” for challenges he had at Williams

George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing. Brazilian Grand Prix, Saturday 13th November 2021. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Credits: Williams Racing.

George Russell believes that all the difficulties he has had to go through at Williams gave him valuable experience.

Russell left Williams after the 2021 Formula 1 season to join one of the leaders, Mercedes. When the Briton made his F1 debut at Williams in 2019, they were the worst team on the grid, so Russell had to work with the team in order to become competitive. He has revealed that he is happy that he has had such a chapter in his career.

“I’m grateful for the difficulties I’ve faced on the track and throughout these years,” Russell said in an interview with Autosport.

“Because, quite often, when you get in a faster car and a car that is more complete, things just naturally feel easier.

“At Williams, we had so many limitations – whether it was trying to get the tires in the right window, the brakes in the right window, following other cars has been incredibly difficult, [as has] really fighting in battles and to hold onto positions.

“When the car is faster often everything feels good. The strategy always feels good when the car is fast. These sorts of things start feeling your way.

“I feel a more rounded driver because of these lessons. I talk about it with my trainer – about building this toolbox of experience and knowledge. I’m sure throughout my F1 career I’m never going to have the best car year after year.

“But, if I do have a car that’s very difficult to drive, I’ve had these experiences – that I can just go back into the toolbox and remember what I experienced throughout 2019 or these last few years. So, I feel pretty fortunate to have had this.”

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