As the first week of the Dakar Rally 2022 came to an end after stage 6, Kevin Benavides admitted not being happy with his performance so far.

Benavides said that the very first day was not positive for him. Despite that, as the days passed, he felt better and was gaining confidence. He also said that navigation was not easy and that he made some mistakes.

“I’m not really happy with the first week,” he said. “The first day was really bad for me. But then I started to recover and I started to feel better day-by-day, so that’s positive. There were a lot of mistakes with the complicated navigation, but, anyway, it was difficult for everyone.

“Now we’ve arrived at the rest day and we need to check with the team about everything, to look back at the week, and then we’ll only start to think about the next week after that.”

Benavides also spent some words about stage 6, which was called off due to bad conditions. He believes that the decision was right since safety comes always first.

“Today for stage six they cut the stage because it was really, really dangerous. I think it was a really smart decision from the organizers because it was really, really bad after the cars and trucks the day before.”

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