Alexandre Giroud is likely victorious in the quadbike category for stage 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally, although we await the finalized results.

Manuel Andujar opened for the quadbike category in stage 5 of the 2022 Dakar Rally. Aleksandr Maksimov instead started 3rd in the order after he was stripped of his stage win yesterday. The Russian received a penalty for exceeding the speed limit during a link route in yesterday’s stage.

Andujar led over the first two waypoints, edging Alexandre Giroud by around a minute. However, Andujar dropped down the order after the 81km waypoint. The Argentinian lost around 18 minutes by the time he reached kilometer 120, allowing Giroud to assume the lead.

Giroud led Kamil Wisniewski by close to 10 minutes, with Marcelo Medeiros looming just a couple of minutes back.

Giroud continued his charge towards his first stage win of the 2022 rally without much challenge from behind. Meanwhile, Medeiros and Wisniewski swapped places by kilometer 190. The Brazilian rider started to become more rapid and closed the gap to Giroud to 6 and a half minutes.

Giroud dashed to the finish, completing the special in 4 hours and 28 minutes. However, none of his rivals made it in time before race management stopped the race. They decided to interrupt the race due to a shortage of medical aircraft. Rider safety is the priority over the completion of the stage.

Currently, no results have been finalized. Check back soon to see the final results for the quadbike category.

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