A little sneak peek at what will be featured in stage 6 of the 2022 Dakar Rally that will take place on Friday, January 7th.

The route starts in Riyadh and actually finishes in the same city. Like in stage 5, the participants from different classes will have different routes. Bikes and quads riders will cover a total distance of 620 kilometers, 404 of which will be the special stage. Cars, LW prototypes, SSVs, and trucks will drive 562 kilometers, including 348 kilometers of the special stage.

With stage 6, the first week of racing at the 2022 Dakar Rally comes to an end. Then the competitors will have one day to rest and recharge their batteries. Despite that, they do not have to let their guard down yet, especially the co-drivers since stage 6 features a lot of tricky intersections.

Not only that, in the second part of the stage, riders and drivers will have to cope with a lot of dunes. Taking the lead here will probably be crucial since the last part of the stage is going to be very fast.

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