The French anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office is investigating the causes of the explosion that injured Philippe Boutron in Jeddah.

A serious incident occurred in Saudi Arabia before the start of the 2022 Dakar Rally. A car with six people inside, including Boutron, exploded in Jeddah on December 30th. The Frenchman got leg injuries and needed to have surgeries.

As a result, ASO decided to increase the security of the event and started the investigation of the accident together with the local police.

At the same time, the terrorist act version was developing. After the accident, Boutron’s co-driver Mayeul Barbet said that “the bomb placed in the bottom of the car under the pedal exploded 500 meters from the hotel.”

Later on, it was confirmed that the French anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office had started an investigation to find out whether the explosion was a terrorist act.

“An investigation is underway in Arabia to determine the cause of the explosion. The hypothesis of a criminal act has not been ruled out,” the French foreign ministry stated.

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