Marcin Budkowski admitted that he was proud of how Alpine had worked in 2021 and that it was the positive ahead of the 2022 season.

Budkowski said that the team had done a great job in developing the car in many areas and the work that had been done would surely help in the upcoming season as well.

“Given that we’ve had the same engine pretty much for the last three years, the frozen chassis and gearbox for strategic reasons to invest our resources elsewhere, we’ve actually done pretty well with the platform that we had.

“Both at the track and in terms of developing the areas where we could, so it is very encouraging for next season. Now we know our numbers, but we don’t know other people’s numbers.”

Budkowski also praised the team for how the workflow changed. He saw a great improvement from everybody and now the results on the track are starting to show that.

“I am certainly proud of the way the team works. It has changed an awful lot in the last few years and that change is starting to bear its fruits. It certainly does at the track, and it certainly does at the factory, even though it is not visible yet because our focus for more than two years has been next year’s car.”

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