The winner of stage 4 Joan Barreda Bort admitted that today’s run was “grueling” even though he felt he could push a lot with his bike.

Stage 4 was very long and tricky but he did everything well and took home the win. Barreda Bort also said that he is still on the hunt for a top spot.

“It was a grueling stage with all sorts of terrains. It was a good special to claw back time in the overall. I started from far back and I was feeling well, so I pushed hard all day long.

“Of course, I’m still in the hunt for a top placing, but I need to take it step by step… one kilometer at a time.”

Today’s winner also admitted that he is not feeling 100% after a crash in the first stage of the race, but he is coping with that.

“I’m just suffering from tendinitis in my arm as a result of crashing amid the rocks on the first day. It’s a bit inflamed, but I’ll have to cope with it to keep attacking.”

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