Joaquim Rodrigues took his maiden win at the Dakar Rally in stage 3, admitting that he felt satisfied with his performance.

Rodrigues spoke about his pace, saying that he managed to keep a good rhythm throughout the whole stage. He also underlined that he had not made any mistakes and that helped a lot in achieving his first victory.

“It was a really, really good stage today. I was able to put in a good rhythm from the beginning. Luckily, I didn’t make any mistakes and I got everything on point. I was just trying to push and the bike is performing really well, also. It definitely helped me to get this victory.”

Rodrigues also praised his team Hero Motorsports Team Rally that had worked a lot and was rewarded with positive results.

“Hero has made a big effort over the year of 2021 to put all the riders in a lot of races and to develop the bike also, giving the riders some desert and race time. It’s definitely helped and it’s paying off. They put the effort in and we are delivering the results. I’m really happy with the result and my first victory.”

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