Helmut Marko has spoken about Max Verstappen’s strength that helps the Dutchman be one of the best drivers on the grid.

Verstappen has provided a lot of highlight moments throughout his career in Formula 1 and the 2021 world title is surely the biggest one. The Red Bull Racing advisor believes that the Dutchman has already surpassed the level of a former Red Bull star and a 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. Furthermore, Marko states that Verstappen gives good results straightaway.

“Yes, without a doubt he [Verstappen] is [better than Vettel],” he told ServusTV.

“What makes him stand out the most? He doesn’t need a warm-up.

“If it rains somewhere, the others do five or eight laps. Then Max goes out and sets the fastest time on the first lap.

“Or Jeddah – nobody knew the track. The others were driving again, Max goes out… bang! Three times [fastest sector]. That is one of his fascinating qualities.”

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