Laurent Mekies thinks that catching Mercedes and Red Bull Racing in the 2022 F1 season will not be an easy task for Ferrari.

The introduction of new technical regulations this year gives the teams a big opportunity to become the new leaders. Ferrari are considered one of the early favorites thanks to their progress in 2021 and new power unit.

More than that, the Maranello-based outfit have put more emphasis on the development of the new car as they were not involved in the title battle that may create an advantage over Mercedes and Red Bull. However, the Ferrari sporting director is not that optimistic at the moment.

“I’m sure they [Mercedes and Red Bull] had to develop this year. However, they are in both cases incredible organizations, and it’s enough to look at the results to see it,” Mekies said.

“Therefore, I would not underestimate for one second their capability to produce a great 2022 car.

“Yes, they had to spend more on 2021, but if you look at the results they have produced in the last 10 years, one and the other, you will need to be very naive to think that it’s going to be easy to close the gap.

“Because ultimately, you still have to close the gap. Even us, we look at the 2022 car numbers compared to where we are, and if compared to where we are is X number of tenths slower to these guys, then we need to get that gap plus the gap to them.

“So I would not be too worried for them.”

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