Zak Brown wants to see the increase of championship contending teams with the introduction of new technical regulations in F1 this year.

New technical rules in Formula 1 can result in a dramatic change of the pecking order of the grid. On the one hand, the competition can get closer and there will be more teams capable of winning races and fighting for championships. On the other hand, one team can find something that will give them a significant advantage and will make them the leaders for years.

Brown believes that the first scenario will take place in 2022.

“I think we’ll get some winners and losers and some surprises. I’d be surprised if there was dominance. You could get a team who’s maybe dominant for a small period of time, like Brawn was when they figured out something in 2009,” the McLaren CEO said.

“I think with the cost cap now in place, you can feel the tension that’s put on the teams of when you stop developing this car at the expense of next year, et cetera. So I’d be surprised if the field didn’t continue to get closer. My hopes are that we go into Abu Dhabi this year with three or four cars that can compete for the championship. I think that’s the ultimate goal.”

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