Pirelli’s head of F1 racing, Mario Isola, believes most races in the 2022 season will have a one-stop strategy due to the new regulations.

Isola said that due to a difference in downforce, which is a performance in line with the current tires, they will suffer from less degradation. Because of this, he believes two-stop strategies won’t be needed, which could benefit on-track racing.

“We are expecting a performance that is in line with the current tires, but the car is different, the downforce is different and maybe we will have a small difference in performance,” Isola told Tire Technology International

“I’m expecting most of the races will be one-stop, simply because if you have less degradation and tires with the characteristics I have mentioned, there is no reason to have more than one stop. If we have really close racing and we have action on track, who cares about the pit stops?”

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