Andreas Seidl believes that there is still room for improvement for McLaren in terms of pit stops.

McLaren had another impressive season in 2021 with the 1-2 finish at the Italian GP as the biggest highlight moment for them. However, they finished 4th in the Constructors’ Championship, having lost the battle to Ferrari.

Seidl praised the team’s performance throughout the season but also emphasized that pit stops could be improved.

“I’m very happy with what we could achieve again this year as a team. It was important for us to simply make the next step in terms of performance of the car – the way we work together between the race team out here, back home, engineering, and production,” the McLaren team principal said.

“I look at things like pit stops, for example, we could again make the next step in terms of consistency, but also speed. The most important thing for me was to make this next step again as a team this year because making these steps is key on our journey where we are in, where we want to get to the point to fight for race wins at every single weekend and not just occasionally.”

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