Danilo Petrucci will take part at the 2022 Dakar Rally despite having a positive COVID-19 test earlier this week at first.

Petrucci’s maiden Dakar appearance was in jeopardy after the Italian had received a positive coronavirus test during the mandatory testing. However, KTM decided to make further checks by conducting a high-precision blood test. It turned out to be negative, so Petrucci was cleared to race.

Petrucci shared his thoughts ahead of the Dakar Rally: “Clearly, I’m very happy to be here at the Dakar. It hasn’t really been a long journey, but it’s been very intense.

“It’s been two months of very difficult preparations and three weeks ago I broke my ankle, and even though it will make it harder for me, I will be able to take part. I hope to finish the race and above all, have fun. It’s my first experience and I can’t wait to get started.”

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