Sebastian Vettel reveals that he feels some sort of responsibility for the progress of Aston Martin in the coming seasons.

Vettel came to Aston Martin in the 2021 season to lead the team to help the team reach success in F1 in the future. However, it was not the best year for Aston Martin as they finished only 7th in the Constructors’ Championship.

Obviously, that does not stop Aston Martin and they want to make a recovery. Vettel admits that he feels responsibility for the further improvements.

“In a way, I feel that responsibility, yes,” he said.

“The motivation is there, we are trying to improve together and the team is trying to turn everything around that is possible.”

The introduction of the new technical regulations in 2022 may help Aston Martin improve their position on the grid. However, the German does not want to be too optimistic.

“The new rules offer a great opportunity in 2022.

“But we also have to remain realistic and not talk about being favorites, but look at how good our car is.”

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