Mattia Binotto has spoken about Antonio Giovinazzi’s chances to come back to Formula 1 in the foreseeable future.

Giovinazzi did not find a seat in the F1 grid for the 2022 season. However, the Italian is set to have a busy year as he will drive for Dragon/Penske Autosport in Formula E as well as will be one of Ferrari’s reserve drivers in F1.

Binotto thinks that Giovinazzi can return to F1 after a one-year hiatus because there will be a lot of seats available.

“With Antonio no doubt that I think there can be some more opportunity for him in 2023 to find a seat,” the Ferrari team principal said.

“There are, I think, 11 seats which will be free in 2023. I’m not saying that all of them will simply be free at the end of the season but if I look at the contract today of drivers, 11 contracts are finishing by the end of 2022. Including Carlos.

“That’s the situation, which means that as a driver, if you’ve got any opportunity in 2023, I think a few are possible. So that’s why I think it’s important for him as a driver to still be part of our F1 program as a reserve driver, doing activities at the simulator and keeping up to speed to the 2022 cars.”

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