Stoffel Vandoorne has shared his thoughts about Lewis Hamilton’s future in Formula 1 after the dramatic ending of the 2021 season.

The loss of the title battle in 2021 will likely be one of the toughest defeats in Hamilton’s career. The 7-time world champion was overtaken by Max Verstappen on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi GP after the Safety Car controversy. Hamilton had not made any comments on social media afterward and missed the FIA prize-giving ceremony.

Toto Wolff stated that he hoped that Hamilton would not retire from the sport. At the same time, Vandoorne thinks that the Abu Dhabi GP outcome will motivate the Briton for the comeback.

“He’s still so hungry to push himself and do better that I’m sure he’ll use all these events as motivation to come back even stronger,” the Mercedes reserve driver told RTBF.

Vandoorne also supported Mercedes’ decision to withdraw the appeal against the FIA’s decision to dismiss the Abu Dhabi GP protests.

“Honestly, I’m not surprised that Mercedes withdrew their appeal.

“For the sport, it really wouldn’t have been right for the title to go to court. So sport-wise, it’s good that the situation ended there.

“But I think it shows that Mercedes didn’t agree with what happened and the team still thinks it was right, but it still had to get justice.”

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