Christian Horner states that Max Verstappen’s performance in 2021 helped the Dutchman remain in the title battle throughout the season.

Verstappen had the best season of his F1 career in 2021. He had 10 wins, 10 pole positions, 18 podiums, and 395.5 points scored that resulted in a world championship victory. However, the Dutchman had numerous unlucky moments that could have cost him the title.

Horner believes that Verstappen’s driving has been a key factor in his success.

“I think the way that Max has driven throughout the year, what’s really stood out for me is in moments of adversity where he’s just kept his head down, he’s kept believing, he’s kept pushing, he’s kept driving the team forward,” the Red Bull Racing team principal said.

“We’ve known every time he’s got in the car he’s given it 110 percent and that lifts everybody around them.

“Particularly in the second half of the year when we didn’t have the fastest package, he kept us in this championship, he kept fighting, he kept believing.

“It’s just been the most unbelievable year, we’re incredibly proud of everything he’s done this year, and [he’s] totally deserving of this world championship.”

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