Toto Wolff believes that Lewis Hamilton currently “lacks words” after the dramatic 2021 Formula 1 season finale.

Hamilton was several laps away from winning the record-breaking 8th world championship at the Abu Dhabi GP. However, the Mercedes driver lost the title as Max Verstappen had overtaken him on the final lap of the race after the Safety Car restart that caused a lot of heated discussions and was protested by Mercedes.

Hamilton has not made any public comments after his post-race interview. Wolff has spoken about the reasons for that.

“We are all wavering in emotions, Lewis most of all,” the Mercedes team principal told¬†

“He was winning the world championship until the last lap, and then everything is taken away from you from one second [to the next]. Of course, you lose faith because you can’t understand what has just happened.

“The silence is there, of course, because he simply lacks words as well.”

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