Mattia Binotto has spoken about Ferrari’s recovery from a difficult 2020 season in 2021.

Ferrari had one of their worst seasons in F1 in 2020 with a 6th place finish in the Constructors’ Championship. Obviously, such results were unacceptable for the legendary team, so they were motivated to make a comeback that started in 2021. The Maranello-based outfit managed to score 5 podiums and finish 3rd in the standings.

Ferrari is considered one of the favorites for the 2022 season when the new technical regulations will be introduced. After a successful 2021 campaign, Binotto stated that is it only the start of the process.

“For us, it was more important as a team to prove to ourselves first that we are capable of addressing the main weaknesses and improving the product itself, improving our performance and closing the gap to the top teams,” the Ferrari team principal said.

“What has been done in 2021 creates a solid foundation for the future.”

Binotto also revealed Ferrari’s plan of coming back to the top in 2021.

“The first was trying to close the gap to the top teams. We knew that it would have been very difficult because some of the 2021 [car] would have been a 2020 car with as few modifications as possible. Only two tokens, some restrictions as well on the aero regulations because of the wind tunnel occupancy which was somewhat limited. But certainly, in our objectives, trying to close the gap to the top teams was important,” he added.

“The second [goal] – something I always, always mentioned – was try to improve in all areas over 2020. Especially at the racetrack – which, for me, is race preparations and race management.”

The final part of the plan was the development of the brand-new power unit that would be a key factor in Ferrari’s possible success in the future.

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