Yuki Tsunoda has spoken about his first season in Formula 1 and the things that he learned during it.

The first year in Formula 1 was not easy for Tsunoda. He made numerous mistakes and was criticized for that. More than that, he was not able to match Pierre Gasly’s performance throughout the season. Despite that, the young AlphaTauri driver had a couple of impressive performances.

Tsunoda admitted he had learned that confidence behind the steering wheel is vital in the sport.

“I will say, in terms of driving, confidence [is the biggest thing I have learned],” Tsunoda said.

“Confidence related to the race week, like how you approach [it] and how you progress. I learned a lot of things, especially those parts.

“And also maybe social media things! I think that, of course, [there were] a lot of things I learned, but those two were my biggest topics I learned this year.”

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