Daniel Ricciardo admits that he needs to keep improving his performance in the upcoming Formula 1 season.

Despite his victory at the Italian GP, Ricciardo faced a lot of challenges in his first season with McLaren. He was regularly outpaced by his teammate Lando Norris at the start of the season and struggled to adapt to the new car. He managed to overcome some of the issues later on but managed to finish only 8th in the Drivers’ Championship, 45 points behind his teammate.

The Australian was delighted with his progress in the second half of the season but stated that he would have to improve more.

“[This year] started not great, got better, but still with some dips,” Ricciardo said.

“[I was] definitely happier with the second half, but there’s still some things to work on, so I’m not like overwhelmed with it.

“Let’s say I made a step. Clearly, I still need to make another one next year to get where I want to be. Probably more on Saturdays just to give me that track position for Sunday and keep me out of a little bit more of a mess – that’s what I’ll work on.”

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