Christian Horner has emphasized Honda’s contribution to Red Bull Racing’s success in the 2021 Formula 1 season.

It goes without saying that Honda has made significant progress since its return in 2015. The Japanese manufacturer managed to reach Mercedes in terms of performance and reliability. It was a key factor that helped Max Verstappen become the 2021 world champion and gave Red Bull the opportunity to fight for the Constructors’ Championship until the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Horner praised Honda’s performance and assumed that Verstappen could have completed the season without taking power unit penalties if he had not had a crash at Silverstone.

“The passion, the commitment, just the work ethic of Honda… I mean, when they came back into the sport, they had a hard time,” the Red Bull team principal said.

“They kept their heads down, they worked hard at it and from day one of this relationship with them, it’s been phenomenal. You see that through their culture, the work ethic that they have.

“This engine for this year was brought forward 12 months. Were it not for the incident at Silverstone, Max would have done the entire season on three engines.”

Horner also regretted the fact that Honda would leave the sport: “It’s a great shame that Honda are leaving Formula 1 officially.”

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