Mattia Binotto has reflected on Charles Leclerc’s performance in the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Though Leclerc is only 24 years old, he is already an experienced driver and has finished his third season at Scuderia Ferrari. Binotto is delighted with how the Monegasque has performed this season.

“I’m very happy to see the progress he [Leclerc] has made this season. He’s always been very fast in the quali, even in the last part of the season where maybe Carlos [Sainz] was challenging him a bit more, he has always been very fast,” the Ferrari team principal said.

At the same time, Binotto admits that numerous misfortunes have cost Leclerc points.

“We should not forget that in his season, there are a couple of examples, which is Monaco and Budapest, where he didn’t score but I think he has been unlucky as a driver in those occasions,” he added.

“Without that, it’s difficult to say what he would have finished at the end of the race, but maybe at least 40 points missing on his classification. So without that again I think he would have been a lot further ahead in the championship.”

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