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Alonso not involved much in 2022 car development

Fernando Alonso at the Qatar GP. Credits: Reddit.

Fernando Alonso has spoken about his involvement in the development of Alpine’s 2022 car at the moment.

This offseason will be important for every F1 team as they need to work on brand-new cars in order to stay competitive under the new technical regulations. However, Alonso revealed that he had not contributed much to the development of Alpine’s 2022 challenger as of now because of the restrictions enforced.

“[I have] not [been involved] much, to be honest,” he said.

At the same time, the Spaniard stated that he would start working on the simulator soon.

“The development has been followed by all the designers, the simulations, the new regulations were too strict at the beginning so there were a lot of clarification as to what we could do and not do with FIA and things like that.”

Furthermore, Alonso stated that he would work on the simulator soon.

“It is a strange new project for everybody, I feel. Now from December and January, we will start the work in the simulator and hopefully, our implication will be a little bit more.”

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