The Honda Formula 1 technical director Toyoharu Tanabe has emphasized the importance of Max Verstappen’s 2021 triumph for them.

Honda finished their activity in F1 for the time being after the 2021 season. It was not an easy road for the Japanese engine manufacturer. They came back to the sport in 2015 and joined forces with McLaren. However, there were a lot of issues with the engine and the partnership ended in 2017.

After that, Honda started cooperation with Red Bull. It proved to be a success as both Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri had great results. In the end, Verstappen became the first F1 world champion in a Honda-powered car in 30 years.

Tanabe was happy to see that Honda’s efforts paid off.

“Max winning the drivers’ title is a great achievement for us, as we have been in the sport since 2015 and have been through a very difficult period of seven years, gradually improving,” he commented.

“Last year we were quite a way behind Mercedes, but I’m very happy that we’ve come this far this year, with both drivers and constructors fighting for the championship.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t win the constructors’ title, but I think the reason we’ve come this far is because we believed in our technology, and we were determined to do what we had to do to win.

“We worked relentlessly to develop our technology to win. We’ve had the support of our operations group, our travel group and our families who send their families abroad to help us achieve this.

“I was talking to the Sakura guys earlier, and I think there’s a sense of achievement in Max winning the championship at the end of the day.”

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