The fans that have attended the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix will not be provided with a ticket refund.

This year’s Belgian GP has become one of the most controversial events in Formula 1 history. The race consisted of only 3 laps behind the Safety Car as it was impossible to race under the torrential rain at Spa Francorchamps. The fans were waiting for the race to start for hours, but did not get what they expected.

There were a lot of talks regarding possible ticket refunds for the fans, but in the end, another option was chosen. The race promoter Spa Grand Prix informed the spectators that they would be offered to enter a draw to win tickets for the 2022 event. Only 170 tickets will be available during the draw.

More than that, the fans would be given an F1TV pass as well as an opportunity to visit a special event on Thursday during the race weekend. The offer can be accepted until the end of January.

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