Alex Zanardi has been released from the hospital, where he was treated after a handbike accident a year and a half ago.

Zanardi was involved in an incident with a lorry during a handbike race. The motorsports and Paralympics legend got neurological injuries. He was hospitalized and had several surgeries.

Zanardi’s wife Daniela has provided an update on his condition and revealed that the Italian left the hospital to continue the rehabilitation process at home.

“Recovery continues to be a lengthy process. The rehabilitation program led by doctors, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists and speech therapists has made steady progress possible,” she told the BMW Motorsport website.

“Of course, there are setbacks, and there can still be. Sometimes you have to take two steps back to take a step forward. But Alex proves again and again that he is a real fighter.”

Daniela has confirmed that Zanardi is making progress, though it is unknown whether he will fully recover.

“Various programs that Alex did in the hospital are now being continued at home. A therapist works with him during the week and they do physical, neurological, and speech therapy exercises,” she added.

“In regards to his physical condition, there is a lot of progress. Alex has more and more strength in the arms, which has increased a lot.

“It is still not possible to predict how the further recovery will develop. It is still a long and challenging road that Alex is tackling with a lot of fighting spirit.

“It helps him and us that we get so much support along the way, not only from the doctors and therapists who work intensively with him.”

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