Max Verstappen admits that winning the 2021 Formula 1 world championship does not make an impact on his life.

Verstappen made history at the Abu Dhabi GP by becoming the first Dutchman to win the F1 title after an exciting battle with Lewis Hamilton. The Red Bull driver has shared his thoughts about the new status, assuring that it does not change who he is.

“I said already during the season, that it doesn’t matter for me if I’m first or second. It will not change my life and it doesn’t,” Verstappen said.

“It has been my life goal to become a champion. Now that I’ve done that, of course, I’m incredibly happy.

“But I’m the same guy. I have the same friends, I spend the same amount of time with family, still live in the same place. Nothing is going to change.

“But in a way, in the back of my mind, it’s even more relaxing, knowing that I’ve achieved everything in Formula 1 now and everything that comes next is just a bonus.”

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