Former FIA president Jean Todt said the FIA is maybe “too permissive” of the criticism received by the members of motorsports.

The FIA has been the center of controversy during the 2021 Formula 1 season, as the battle for the championship between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen needed intervention from the entity multiple times.

Speaking at the FIA Prize-giving gala, Todt said that while the FIA can always improve, it is being too permissive with the level of criticism received.

“Of course, we can always improve,” Todt said. “But then, you need to behave as well.”

“I was reading today in the French sports magazine L’Equipe, the president of the Lyon football club – which is one of the most important teams – he has been forbidden for 10 games because he’s spoken badly about the referee. So maybe we are being too permissive, you know?

“On one side, I feel it is important to have a dialogue between the governing body, between the teams, between the drivers, between the commercial rights holders, but it should not go against us.”


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