Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko says Formula 1 and the FIA need to change after inconsistent stewarding decisions.

The 2021 Formula 1 season had multiple controversies as the championship battle heated up, and all of them ended up pointing to the FIA, questioning whether the decisions were right.

This questioning does not come from the fanbase but also from the teams themselves, with some of them stating that the decision taken by the FIA are inconsistent from race to race.

Marko is no exception, and the Austrian believes that the FIA should change, otherwise Red Bull will consider their future in the sport.

“We will think about our future in Formula 1 if it does not have the desired effects on future championships,” Marko told the media.

“Decisions have to be quick and unambiguous. It has to be a matter of seconds and these decisions should not be different every time.

“It is not our job, but after so many mistakes have been made and unworthy decisions have been taken, there is certainly a great need for change.

“There will be a new FIA President; he should start working on this immediately.”

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