Christian Horner has reflected on Max Verstappen’s performance during the 2021 Formula 1 season.

It goes without saying that Verstappen had an impressive season in 2021. He had 10 wins, 10 pole positions, 18 podiums, scored 395.5 points, and won the title. Horner praised his driver’s effort throughout the year.

“I think you have got to look at this championship on balance over 22 races. Max has been truly outstanding this year. I think that he got unlucky at times, but he always kept his head down,” the Red Bull Racing team principal said.

“He’s driven with heart, with passion, with great skill, and determination. And I think he’s a really deserving, world champion.”

Horner also added that the fact Verstappen won the title in a battle against Lewis Hamilton made the success even more important.

“I think that the fact that he’s managed to take on and beat Lewis, who obviously is a formidable and the most successful driver of all time, only makes it even more valuable.

“I think all credit to Lewis. This season he has driven again outstandingly well and I’m absolutely delighted with the result.”

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