Max Verstappen revealed that he had to fight through a “massive” cramp during the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Verstappen made an overtake of his career on lap 58 of the Abu Dhabi GP that secured him his first world championship. However, it turned out that the challenge came not only from Lewis Hamilton but from Verstappen’s body as well. After the race, the Dutchman spoke about a cramp that he had during that lap.

“It was pretty crazy [at the end], but I also had massive cramp in my leg in that whole last lap,” Verstappen said.

“I was behind Lewis going to turn 2 and 3, and I had a massive cramp, so I was like full throttle, but barely having the force to push anymore. I was happy to have turn 5, so I could brake and relax for a few seconds, and then [get] back on it for two long straights, which was very, very painful.”

“Of course, for that last lap, you just bite through it. But yeah, insane emotions afterward!”

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