Sergio Perez has reflected on his battle against Lewis Hamilton during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Though Perez retired from the race with several laps to go, he made an impact on the fight between the title protagonists. The Mexican helped Max Verstappen get closer to Hamilton by not letting the Mercedes driver pass him in the middle of the race.

Perez admitted that he did not have an intention to get involved in the battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, but at the same time wanted to help his teammate.

“As a driver, as a person, you don’t want to get into interfering in their fight, because it’s the last race and the championship decider but, at the end of the day, it’s my team,” he told Sky Sports.

“I knew that it was critical at that point because Hamilton had the race under control. He would just have had the window on the Virtual [Safety Car] and on the Safety Car, so it would have made his race a lot easier.”

“It was important but, at the same time, I was on very old tires, so I felt like there’s not going to be a lot I can do to try and hold him back.”

“But we managed to make him lose a couple of seconds and I think that really changed the race, and Max then was able to at least challenge him with the strategy, and it worked out at the end!”

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