Michael Masi believes that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will find a way to race properly for the 2021 title.

After last week’s Saudi Arabian GP, there were a lot of debates regarding the outcome of the battle between Verstappen and Hamilton. Concerns arose that the champion would be decided by a collision between the title protagonists.

Ahead of the Abu Dhabi GP, Masi reminded in the race director’s event notes about consequences for unsportsmanlike conduct, including the deduction of points. Masi himself hopes that the sanctions will not be used.

“Deep down, they have a very good sense of right and wrong, and I think between the title protagonists there is a pretty clear understanding of where the line is,” the F1 race director told Sky Sports.

“I said earlier in the week that it’s not my decision for it to be decided in the stewards’ room.”

“There are two people directly involved from a championship perspective, being Max and Lewis respectively, and it’s up to them.”

“I think everyone has said, me included, the stewards included, that the last thing any of us want is for this to be decided in the stewards’ room, or worse, in the Court of Appeal. But I’m quite hopeful that, between them all, both Mercedes and Red Bull, Max and Lewis respectively, that they want to sort it out on track with an exciting race to end what has been an exciting 2021 world championship.”

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